Money Back Warranty

I’m pretty confident the course subscription you acquired will help you to improve your grades!

I charge money to persons that want to actually pay for a product.

Remember that when you pay for this course, you are not only getting “Mass Balance Course”. You are supporting us to build a Engineering Community we all dream of.

Your money is not just a bunch of videos

Your money is not a just a bunch of solution to problems

Your money is not just many questions in quizzes

Your money will help build more courses, more content and more material for the future Engineers.

Please Help me build this DREAM come TRUE!


If you really don’t think the money you paid is worth the course and/or the experience…

I get it.

This course is not for everybody or everyone.

I will reimburse you 100% of what you paid!

30 Days Warranty!

No strings attached!

Just send me an e-mail to: with the subject “I want my money back“. In the text please add your username, e-mail registered, date of payment and invoice number.

I will answer you ASAP with your money back!

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