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All HD-Videos in Vimeo: Vimeo Protected, high quality, 1080 and 720p videos. Zoom in small numbers, images, symbols and words!

Solved Problem Section: Theory alone will not help you get better, you need to PRACTICE. This is what will make you a Master in this course!

Examination and Quiz Section: Many times you think you know enough, until you get to the exam and do terrible! Don’t go without being examined in the quiz section! 1 quiz per Block. Total of 4 quizes + final exam.

Priority Member: You are my student. I want you to get the most of this experience! Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail or comment in the sections below the videos! I will answer you ASAP to clear all your doubts and answer to your comments and questions.

Q&A in Theory/Practice Videos: Ask and get answer in any Theory/Practice Video. Even in quizzes you may ask why you get an answer wrong or so!

Comment and Discussion in Theory Videos: Start a discussion with your fellow classmates! Ask whatever you need. I will be always there to answer ASAP.

Practice Problems: Practice, Practice, Practice. Solutions of the textbook problems. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard Felder!

Comment and Discussion in Practice Videos: Got stuck in the practice problem? Don’t get a mathematical concept? No worries! Ask and get answered ASAP!

Clean Layout + More Space: Get rid of that bar and ads! You will have ALL the page size to read, work and study with no interferences!

NO ADS: I use ads to get running this webpage! But if you become a premium member, YOU DO NOT DESERVE ADS in your service! Get rid of all type of ads (video, webpage, youtube) and start studying with no interruptions!

Premium Member Mailing-List: Get personal e-mail! You will be able to send me whatever you want and I will answer you not in an automated way but as the human being that I am.

Random and Extra Surprises: You are my student! I always give extra stuff. Its not about what you are paying! Its about the new relationship and community we are building up!

Complete Theory Section: Not all Theory videos are uploaded in youtube. And even some uploaded content is not complete. Get all the complete Theory Videos!

Course Library Material: As any course, you need extra materiel, here it is included in a beautiful set Library Section.

Online Access to Course Slides: Many people in YouTube and SlideShare ask for this! They don’t get it. Why? Because it is for my students! Get every SlideShow of every class! Read them at your own pace. Don’t stop the video to read the slide!

Online Access “Extra Material”: Many miscellaneous material is uploaded in this section!

Online Access to “Tips Slideshow”: My very personal Tips as a student and teacher for the hole course. Don’t miss it! Sometimes tips will save you time and make you learn more!

Visual Media (Diagrams, Charts, Graphs, etc.): All visual media I use in the videos is uploaded. Want to print it? Go ahead!

Course Formularies and Equations: Equations, Formulas and Theorems are set up beautifully for each Block! If your teacher lets you get printed material… You are in!

Excel/Word/Other support Documents: If you want to interact with an excel spreadsheet I used, you are free to do it! Change cells, values, numbers, formatting, etc.

In-video Advertising: I add some advertising to my videos so I get more people to my webpage, or get them to a specific course. This will make you lose time but more importantly will distract you. GET RID OF THE ADS!

Webpage Advertising: As said before, I support this webpage with money I get from ads. I added some extra ads in the FREE section so I’m able to support this system! They will distract you! GET RID OF THE ADS!

Right-Side Bar in Class Material: This bar is useful for new users, they can Like my Facebook Page, Donate for the project, Subscribe to My Newsletter or even Subscribe to my YouTube Videos. After you do this, you will probably hate this bar. It takes time to load, space from your monitor and might distract you while studying. GET RID OF THE BAR! 

YouTube Ad-Videos: YouTube allows me to monetize my videos. I do like to give FREE material so people find me online! But I don’t give my course online for free! This is for my students! Upgrade to a very neat, high quality Vimeo Videos. GET RID OF THE ADS!

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