MB1 Introduction to Mass Balance Problems

Problems of Basic Concepts in Mass Balance.

Chapter 4: Introduction to Mass Balance

4.02 Continuous Tank Reaction Mass (FREE SAMPLE!)

4.04 Labeling streams in Mass Balance

4.06 Analysis of Degrees of Freedom in a Distillation Column

4.08 Mass Balance in an Egg Factory

4.10 Mixture of Ethanol Solutions – Mass Balance

4.12 Mass Balance on a Distillation Column

4.14 Humidification of Air – Mass Balance

4.16 Mixture of H2SO4 solutions – Mass Balance

4.18 Wet Sugar Production in Mass Balance

4.20 Drying of Air with Calcium Chloride Pellets – Mass Balance

4.22 Mixture of Hydrogen Tanks for Final Product – Mass Balance

4.24 Flow of CO2 in a Pipeline – Mass Balance

4.26 SO2 Scrubbing Operation in Mass Transfer – Mass Balance

4.28 Multiple Unit Mass Balance

4.30 Concentration of Seawater Brine – Multiple Units

4.32 Production of Juice Concentrate – Bypass Mass Balance

4.34 Crystallization of Potassium Sulfate – Multiple Units

4.36 Extraction of Bean Oil by Hexane – Multiple Units

4.38 Extraction of Drug in multiple stages – Multiple Units

4.40 Mass Balance using Stoichiometry in a Nitric Oxide Reaction

4.42 Production of Ethyl Bromide – Reactions in Mass Balance

4.44 Production of TiO2 with sulfuric Acids – Multiple Reaction Mass Balance

4.46 Production of Methyl Acetone – Equilibrium

4.48 Production of Methanol in Equilibrium – Extent of Reaction

4.50 Production of Monochloroethane and Dichloroethane – Multiple Reactions

4.52 Production of Hydrogen Fluoride – Multiple Reactions

4.54 Extent of reaction in Equilibrium reactions – Equilibrium

4.56 Formaldehyde production – Reaction Mass Balance

4.58 Production of Methyl Chloride – Reactions in MB

4.60 Methanol Production with Purge and Recycle Systems – Purge and Recycle

4.62 Production of Iso-octane – Multiple Units and Reaction

4.64 Wet and Dry gas Basis – Combustion

4.66 Combustion of a Carbon Monixde and Hydrogen Fuel

4.68 Butane Combustion cases for conversion and excess air – Combustion

4.70 Combustion of n-Pentane in Excess – Combustion

4.72 Gas Chromatography of Methane and Ethane – Combustion

4.74 Incomplete Combustion of a Fuel Oil – Combustion

4.76 Proximate Analysis of a Wet Coal – Combustion

4.78 Scrubbing of a Stack Gas containing SO2 – Combustion

4.80 Combustion of a CpHqOr Fuel Oil – Combustion